Trevor Noah: 'Once Again, Trump Benefits From A Bulls**t College'

It's the Electoral College, which the president-elect once called "a disaster for democracy.”

Comedian Trevor Noah is still trying to figure out Tuesday’s Donald Trump victory. Like many people, he’s a bit confused.

“Hillary Clinton lost by getting more votes,” Noah said on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.” “Trump got 200,000 fewer votes, but he won the presidency because he had 279 electoral votes.”

Noah, a native of South Africa, is struggling with the math. 

“That’s how it works in America. You don’t need the most votes, you just need the Electoral College,” he said.

The he flashed the Trump University logo and added: “So once again, Trump benefits from a bullshit college.”

Noah emphasized it wasn’t him who was calling the Electoral College “bullshit.” 

He showed a tweet from Trump saying, “The Electoral College is a disaster for democracy.”

“I’m just quoting the president,” Noah said.



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