Dain Fagerholm's Hand Drawn Animated GIFs (PHOTOS)

The animated GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) was first invented in 1987 and has since achieved the status of being referred to as "super 90s". Now GIFs are mostly used for internet memes and immortalizing movie moments, yet illustrator Dain Fagerholm has managed to use the technology to make his hand drawn monsters come to life.

Seattle-based Fagerholm calls his animations "stereographic drawings". They trick the eye by rapidly switching between two images that shift perspectives, creating a bizarre 3-D effect. While traditionally stereographic images are used to create hyperrealistic, sci-fi effects, Fagerholm uses a hand-drawn aesthetic that makes it look like your childhood book illustrations have come to life. His hand drawn gentle beasts and lonely monsters make us want to be five years old cuddling up to "Where The Wild Things Are" again.

Check out the awesome animations below and see more on Fagerholm's blog. What were your favorite monsters as a kid?