Whoa! Daisy Ridley's Sister Is A Model Who Looks Just Like Her.

There is another.

See, Rey -- you're not alone after all!

After her role in the new "Star Wars" movie, Daisy Ridley is probably already your favorite fresh face in Hollywood. Well, it turns out one of her sisters, Kika-Rose Ridley, is a model who looks just like her. And now the Internet awakens... 

Sister act: Star Wars star Daisy Ridley and sister Kika-Rose. #IconsOfStyle

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After making the discovery, everyone online is like...

And the Force is strong with memes of the pair together:

But, to paraphrase Maz in "The Force Awakens," who is this girl?

Kika-Rose, one of Daisy's two older sisters, is a model at Models 1 and has been in the industry since she was a teen. 

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from one of her shoots: 

In an interview on the agency's blog, Kika reveals her favorite shoot was one where David Beckham walked in, her favorite phrase is "hush your beak" and if there's one thing she can't live without, it's her sisters.

Daisy Ridley and Kika-Rose Ridley being adorable.
Daisy Ridley and Kika-Rose Ridley being adorable.

Awww, right? But if that stuff about her sisters is true, why'd she and her other family members leave Daisy on Jakku? Huh? Why'd you do it, Kika?!

OK, we're just going to assume she didn't actually have anything to do with leaving Daisy at a junkyard on a desert planet because, you know, that's just a movie. But it would be a major twist if it turns out Rey has a sister in "Star Wars: Episode VIII." 

Finn probably wouldn't complain.

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