Here's That Photo Of Dakota Fanning And Britney Spears You Always Wanted To See

Dakota Fanning might be a famous actress, but she still gets all fangirl when it comes to Britney Spears.

The 20-year-old actress headed to Las Vegas this weekend and stopped by the pop star's "Britney: Piece of Me" residency at Planet Hollywood, Pink Is the New Blog noted. Fanning apparently had VIP tickets for the show and, beforehand, got to pose for a photo with Spears during a meet-and-greet.

Fanning had met Spears before as the singer was apparently the first celebrity she encountered upon arriving in Hollywood.

"[Spears] was really the first famous person I met when I came to California," she told Jay Leno in 2010. "I met her in a store when I was 6 years old and I was so starstruck by her and I just loved her so much. Getting to go to her 'Circus' tour was like reliving [that]."



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