Dakota Fanning's Wet Hair Looks Just Like Ours Every Weekend (PHOTOS)

Much as we'd like to deny it, we step out of the house with wet hair all too often. Who's got time to blowdry? Who can always be prepared to leave the house on time?

Dakota Fanning feels us. The 19-year-old actress was seen in New York this week sporting a sleek off-white tank top, studded sandals, boyfriend jeans (yes, they're still happening)... and what appears to damp hair.

We've seen other stylish celebs do the same (hey there, Ashley Olsen) and, as previously mentioned, we do this basically every weekend. So you won't be hearing any critiques from us.

But what say you, style-savvy readers? Is wet hair in the great outdoors a major faux pas?


dakota fanning wet hair

dakota fanning wet hair

At least those wet strands weren't whipping Dakota in the face:

Celebrity Bad Hair Days

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