What Should Arianna Huffington Ask The Dalai Lama?

When the Dalai Lama learned he had been awarded the Templeton Prize, his response was to insist that he is nothing more than a simple Buddhist monk. The Templeton Prize is one of the most prestigious religious prizes in the world; and the Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibet and a Nobel Prize winner. How simple!

We have just heard that our very own Arianna Huffington will sit down with His Holiness for an hour at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on May 14, the day he will be awarded the prize.

Arianna has asked for suggestions from HuffPost users on what questions she should ask and what topics she and the Dalai Lama should address.

What do you want to know? If you had an hour with the Dalai Lama how would you use it? Would you ask about his dreams, about Tibet and China, or his plans for the $1.7 million dollars that comes with the Templeton Prize?

Would you ask him about Buddhist principles, how to be happy, or how different religions can get along together? We encourage any and all questions that come from your heart, head, or spirit - or all of them together!

We know that the Dalai Lama is ESPECIALLY interested in talking about the relationship between science and religion and we especially encourage any questions in this arena.

Post your questions below in the comments, on Facebook , tweet them to @huffpostrelig #askdalailama or record your question by video below.

We look forward to hearing from you!