Dale Chihuly's Elusive Boathouse in Seattle

The Boathouse is Dale Chihuly's world in a single building. It is all of his creation and all from his imagination. Everything there emanates from Chihuly. Once a boat factory where racing shells were made, and now a dream factory, the boathouse pulses with energy that is palpable from the moment you enter.

In the beginning, Chihuly's whole company was housed here, and he himself lived upstairs. Everything is a design choice, pressboard and whitewashed pine on the walls; metal and cork on the floor; collections of everything from carnival masks from the '30s to antique bathing suits hanging on the walls. It is raw industrialism at its best.

One room serves as gallery and garage, with classic Chihuly vessels on display alongside an
Austin Healey and an Alfa Romeo. Another room houses an 85-foot-long table made from a continuous Douglas Fir. There are bathrooms decorated with shelf after shelf of antique children's book, a swimming pool with Chihuly glass beneath it, and an aquarium where the fish swim with the glass.

The Boathouse, like Chihuly himself, is all about energy -- life force energy. And, for Chihuly, art and life are one.

The Boathouse is not open to the public, although occasionally charity events are held there. But this slideshow will allow you a little sneak peak.

The Elusive Chihuly Boathouse - Seattle, WA