Dale Hansen Calls Out Hardy For 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ Remark

"He has been found guilty, a North Carolina judge says he is."

Dale Hansen has a history of going after Greg Hardy, especially when the Dallas Cowboys first signed the defensive end in March. 

On Wednesday night, he went after him once more. The sports anchor for ABC's Dallas affiliate WFAA called out Dallas Cowboys' Greg Hardy on Wednesday night after he changed his Twitter bio to imply he was “innocent until proven guilty," most likely in reference to the domestic violence incident he is said to have been involved with in 2014. 

Hansen, never one to mince words, said he thought the statement was ridiculous considering what we know about the case now.

"Hardy said on his Twitter account 'innocent until proven guilty.' He has been found guilty, a North Carolina judge says he is," Hansen said. "The NFL found him guilty and he is certainly guilty in the court of public opinion."

The WFAA anchor also pointed out that Hardy told the NFL his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder tripped and fell as an explanation for her bruises.

"Who doesn't think that happened?" he asked rhetorically.

Hansen has spoken out against the Dallas Cowboys having Greg Hardy play for their team a number of times in the past, especially when the team first signed the defensive end. Once again, Hansen is spot on.


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