Dale Peterson: I'm Not Going Away But I Need Money

Yesterday, Ben Craw and I got so gosh-darned sad over the loss of Alabama's beloved political YouTube artists that we damn near stopped the Deepwater Horizon oil spill with our feelings. A day later, we browsed out to see that one of the would-be lawmakers featured, Dale Peterson, had posted a post-primary note on his website.

This part made us happy:

Boy! We put up a tough fight in round one. The thugs made a full court press to stop me by making hundreds of thousands of "robo calls" with lies about me.

Rest assured, Dummy and the thugs at ALFA will not go quietly - so expect them to launch a full-scale attack against John McMillan in the coming weeks as the July 13 runoff draws near. Just remember, the word "truth" is not in their vocabulary.

Yeah! Eff them thugs and their robot-telephone calls, for real! Peterson continued:

My campaign truly exemplified the word "grassroots." Be prepared to shed a few tears when you read some of the comments I've received. Examples will be posted here soon.

One thing you can count on: I'm not going away. So hang tough. We've just begun to roll!

At this point, it was impossible to not be borne aloft by the optimism! That's why we weren't prepared for the sad turn this was about to take.

p.s. I wasn't the establishment's chosen one. Consequently my bank account is deep in the red. Any financial support you can afford would be deeply appreciated.

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