Daley Urges Blagojevich To 'Do The Right Thing,' But Doesn't Call For Resignation

Arguing that incriminating federal wiretaps of Gov. Blagojevich are "not light-hearted, windbag conversations, Mayor Daley on Wednesday urged the governor to "do the right thing" for Illinois.

Though Daley didn't directly say what he meant by that, he made clear he agrees with fellow Democrats all the way up to President-elect Barack Obama that the embattled governor should resign.

"He has to figure out what is best for the state of Illinois," Daley said. "He has to make that decision personally ... You can figure out what would be the best for the state because this is gonna be quite a trying experience for him and his family ... These are very serious, serious allegations. These are not light-hearted, windbag conversations."


Watch Daley discuss Blagojevich: