Dallas Airport Fight Caught On Video As Crowd Takes Down Angry, Ranting Homophobe

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Crowd Takes Down Homophobic Bully At Dallas Airport

An angry man was caught on video last week attacking a fellow passenger at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, apparently because he thought the man was gay. But then, a group of bystanders, including a man in a cowboy hat, quickly took action to bring the man down, according to the video.

WARNING: The video, and description below, contain some NSFW language.

Before the fight, the man in the cowboy hat tries to intervene.

"What are you upset about?" he asks.

"Queers is what I'm upset about!" the homophobic man shouts, gesturing wildly at a traveler wearing a pink shirt. "This faggot right here."

Then, as shown in the video, he kicks and hits the traveler in the pink shirt as the crowd springs into action.

Once the ranting man is pinned down, airport police take over.

At one point, the suspect smiles and laughs while he lies on the ground as the officers cuff him. At another, he apparently tries to explain himself.

"Let me tell you the reason why I did it: Because this is America, that's why," he tells the two black officers, adding something that sounds like "the same reason you get to live and breathe and walk black."

He also repeatedly threatens the traveler in the pink shirt, even as he's being cuffed.

"That guy was crazy, absolutely crazy," says the person who recorded the video and identified himself as Andrew Kennedy, "just in case this goes viral."

Then Kennedy asks his brother, Neal Kennedy, to weigh in on what they saw.

"We saw a very troubled man," Neal Kennedy says. "We hope that he was under the influence of some kind of substance -- because if he wasn't and that's his true personality then he's going to have a very long road in front of him."

Update: An earlier version of this story noted that Wonkette.com had reported actor Paul Rudd was part of the group that took down the homophobic bully. However, it apparently was not Rudd.

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