Cowboys Finally Come Down Hard On ... Wait, Players Not Wearing Suits?

Two players were cut for their clothing, yet Greg Hardy is still a Cowboy.
Former Dallas Cowboys player Corey White #23 was cut for not wearing a suit on a team road trip.
Former Dallas Cowboys player Corey White #23 was cut for not wearing a suit on a team road trip.

The Dallas Cowboys will tolerate damning domestic violence allegations, sideline fights with coaches, unaware and un-remorseful behavior, and even chronic tardiness, but the buck stops at not complying with the team's dress code.

Former Cowboys cornerback Corey White and running back Christine Michael were both cut last Tuesday for not wearing suits during the team's road trip to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The news was first reported by The Dallas Morning News on Monday. White confirmed the Cowboys' reasoning to TMZ Sports on Tuesday, saying that a coach specifically told him that he was released for not wearing a suit.  

"I'm not mad ... It's the rules," he told TMZ Sports, adding that he wore slacks and a button-down on the trip -- an outfit choice that evidently breaks the teams dress code. 

An anonymous Cowboys player further explained the cuts in the Morning News' report by saying, "Sometimes you just have to drop the hammer." That quote, in the context of everything that's surrounded Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy this season, is disappointing, to say the least. The Cowboys were all too willing to use "the hammer" on backup players who don't dress up to an arbitrary professional standard, yet the team's misogynistic, allegedly abusive defensive star can brew his own drama and show up late to work without any tangible repercussions.   

For the third time this season, Hardy was late to team facilities again last Thursday, and then late to another meeting last Saturday, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. This prompted another "come to Jerry" moment from the organization, which at this point in the Cowboys' 3-7 season, wreaks of desperation.

The Cowboys will do back-flips to keep their best defensive lineman out on the field, but when it comes to judging a player for wearing pants and a shirt, they'll cut you no slack. We'll let you decide what that tells you about the organization's priorities. 


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