Cowboys Reportedly Want To Part With Greg Hardy Because Of His ... Partying?

It's a bit ironic, to say the least.

Just about 10 months after they first picked up the defensive end, the Dallas Cowboys are reportedly wiping their hands clean of the problematic Greg Hardy. But it's not for the reason that you think.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Dallas was aggravated by Hardy’s frequent partying and his unpunctuality -- while the team, per usual, seems to have said nothing of Hardy’s horrifying history of alleged domestic violence, including when he (reportedly) threw ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder against a bathroom wall, tossed her onto a couch covered with assault weapons and began to choke her.

This is just the latest example of the Cowboys turning a blind eye to Hardy’s off-field actions. In a thoroughly misplaced showing of loyalty, team owner Jerry Jones has stuck by his defensive end since signing him last winter, calling him a “real leader” and an “inspiration” who commands “respect” even while Hardy (1) was the subject of Deadspin’s damning investigative report that seemed to validate claims of his domestic abuse (2) continued to make misogynistic, offensive comments in the media and (3) screamed at anybody and everybody on the sidelines on primetime television.

So you can see why it’s a bit ironic that the Cowboys, after all of that, seem to have a problem with his tendency to party. If you have three slices of cake, you don’t have a problem licking the crumbs off your plate -- and if Dallas stubbornly continued to endorse Hardy after every one of these morally questionable incidents, it seems strange that a couple late nights would be the straw that broke this camel’s back.

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