Woman Finds Her Stolen Facebook Photos In Prostitution Ads (VIDEO)

Dallas Miller is not a prostitute -- but you would certainly have thought otherwise if you'd seen this suggestive ad online over the weekend:

dallas miller

Miller, 21, told ABC affiliate that she absolutely did not create or post that ad on the Web. Instead, she says almost a dozen of her photographs were stolen off her Facebook page and used in prostitution advertisements on the free ad-listing site

"It's been tough," Miller, who lives in Whites Creek, Tenn., told the news outlet of the experience. "I definitely feel victimized." has reportedly pulled the ads off its site.

After Miller's story made headlines this week, netizens stepped forward to offer support for the young woman.

Others pointed out how Miller's experience should be a wake-up call to anyone who doesn't takes their online security seriously.

"Protect your FB pics," Trinidadian TV anchor Samantha John tweeted Thursday. "This just goes to show that your face can end up anywhere."

The FBI warns all social media users to always use "high security settings on social networking sites, and be very limited in the personal information you share." For more tips on how to protect yourself online, go to the FBI's website (here).

(Hat tip, Yahoo! News)

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