Dallas Morning News Columnist Calls Out Donald Trump In Fiery Op-Ed

The veteran journalist says Trump's caused "unprecedented global disdain and embarrassment."

President Donald Trump boasts that he’s accomplished so much during his first six months in office, and one Dallas Morning News columnist agrees. The only issue is that most of these “achievements” are bad, Carl P. Leubsdorf says. 

In an op-ed published Monday, titled “Let’s outline Trump’s achievements during his first six months in office,” the paper’s former Washington bureau chief outlines a blistering synopsis of the president’s missteps ― from insulting longtime U.S. allies to hiring an “inexperienced, dysfunctional White House staff.

After referencing a May HuffPost article about the president’s influence on government, Leubsdorf criticized Trump for his damaging polices on immigration, tax reform, health care reform and foreign policy. 

He also lambasted the president for “undermining the courts with denunciations of judges,” and for “waging a vendetta against news outlets subjecting his administration to scrutiny.”

At the end of his 20-point outline, Leubsdorf concluded, “The result: the least support for any new modern president, an exacerbation of domestic divisions, and unprecedented global disdain and embarrassment.”

Leubsdorf’s column is nearly as scathing as the editorial The Dallas Morning News editorial board ran during the 2016 election. For the first time in over 75 years, the paper endorsed a Democrat for president. Along with the decision came an editorial in which the board slammed Trump as unqualified and undeserving of readers’ votes.