Dallas Police Ask People To Report Protesters, But Get Flooded With K-Pop Instead

The police department asked people to send in videos of “illegal activity” via its iWatch Dallas app, and Twitter users responded creatively.

Twitter users had a well-choreographed response when the Dallas Police Department asked the public to use its “snitching” app while anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter protests erupted throughout the United States.

As people demonstrated in Dallas over the police killing of George Floyd, the department tweeted out a request for “video of illegal activity from the protests,” which could be downloaded to its iWatch app.

In response, Twitter users provided very helpful photos and videos … of their favorite K-pop bands showing off dance moves so good, they should be illegal.

Some users flipped the department’s request on its head and posted videos and photos of police brutality.

Others called on K-pop fans to flood the Dallas iWatch app with similar videos and photos.

Not long after people on Twitter called on K-pop fans to spam the department’s app with some criminal body rolls, Dallas police tweeted that the app had crashed.

HuffPost tested the app on Monday morning. It was still down by mid-afternoon, but it was unclear whether the K-pop fans’ efforts are what caused the technical difficulties. The app only allows users to send a tip to police, not to view the tips others have sent.

A representative from the Dallas Police Department sent HuffPost a statement Monday evening saying its app is “restored” and that the cause of the crash “is still being determined.”

“We encourage the public to download it to report a crime or any suspicious activity,” the statement reads.

The department did not offer any further information.

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