'Dallas' Double-Header Climaxes In A Surprise And Unexpected Wedding (VIDEO)

The plotting and scheming on "Dallas" reached epic proportions in a two-hour installment this week. Cliff Barnes thought he was sitting pretty when he bought out Ewing Energies' bank loan. He gave them 24 hours to pay it off or they'd have to forfeit their company to him.

After the hefty government fine, and the shutting down of their oil pipeline, there was nothing the Ewings could do to stop him. But they had a backdoor plan, and it involved John Ross and Pamela. It took him a while, but John Ross finally convinced Pamela that her father was behind that oil rig explosion that had killed her unborn twins.

She convinced her father to give her one third of his company, Barnes Global. Then, in a shocking twist, John Ross told her she had to prove that she wouldn't screw him over again. He then texted Bobby that he'd have her shares of the company by the morning.

Cut to a chapel and an unexpected bride and groom. "You doing this because you love me, or because you hate your father?” John Ross asked Pamela.

"I do," she said in reply.

TV Fanatic was shocked by the surprise nuptials. The wrote, "I can't imagine anything making Cliff more furious than his daughter marrying J.R.'s son. I can not wait to see his face when he finds out." But Entertainment Weekly wasn't sure how this marriage would help the Ewings. "Did they have a prenup where she said the shares were shared, or is he hoping to score half the shares in a divorce if it comes to that?” they wondered.

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