Dallas, Texas Tornado: Warnings Issued As Twisters Hit State

Regions of Texas received tornado warnings on Tuesday, as tornadoes touched down in the state.

One of the warnings issued for Eastern Dallas County in North Central Texas by the National Weather Service stated that "meteorologists confirmed a large and dangerous tornado near Hutchins. This is a dangerous situation ... seek shelter now!! This is a tornado emergency for Dallas and Hutchins!"

They offered instructions to accompany the warning, suggesting that people move underground or to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. People in a mobile home or vehicle should move to the nearest shelter and protect themselves from flying debris. For a full list of warnings for all regions, visit the NWS website.

The Associated Press reported on the Texas tornadoes, writing that two large twisters were confirmed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with a tornado near Cleburne causing "considerable damage":

In Lancaster, south of Dallas, local television footage showed homes without roofs while other buildings were flattened. Plywood was strewn on the grass and on top of buildings. Residents could be seen walking down the street with firefighters and peering into homes, looking at the damage after the storm passed.

The storm pushed cars into fences and toppled trees. Branches and limbs were scattered across lawns and in the streets. A tow-behind RV was torn apart and crumpled in a driveway where part of a roof of the home was torn off.

"Obviously we're going to have a lot of assessments to make when this is done," Dallas County spokeswoman Maria Arita told The Associated Press.

Dallas Police spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey said an apparent twister also touched down and caused damage within the city's southern limits, though the extent was not immediately known.

DFW Airport spokesman David Magana told WFAA-TV that airport employees pulled passengers away from glass windows and into inside areas of the airport as the storms moved through.

View photos below, and scroll down for updates from Tuesday's storms: