Republican Party Boss In North Carolina Displays Handcuffs For Hillary Clinton

"Their candidate, if elected, could have these on Inauguration Day."

Hillary Clinton might be in handcuffs on Inauguration Day. That’s what Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the Republican Party in North Carolina, said during an interview with MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson on Thursday. 

Jackson asked about accusations of state Republicans trying to suppress voters by lobbying to limit early voting hours

“We don’t have a suppression vote problem in North Carolina. The Democrats have a depression problem,” Woodhouse said. “And you know why? It’s very simple. Their candidate, if elected, could have these on Inauguration Day.”

Then he displayed a pair of handcuffs. 

“Are you bringing props for our show here, Dallas?” Jackson asked. “Is this the kind of rhetoric you want to be saying five days out from an election?” 

Woodhouse was unmoved.

“Hillary Clinton inauguration jewelry!” he exclaimed.  

Woodhouse’s brother, head of the pro-Clinton super PAC Correct the Record, fired off two tweets in response: 

North Carolina Republicans made headlines over the summer when they mocked Democratic vice presidential candidate and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for wearing a pin in honor of Blue Star Families, or families of U.S. service members. 

Kaine’s son, Nat, is in the Marines. 

However, the Republican Party of North Carolina ― home of the largest military base in the nation ― not only didn’t recognize the pin, but claimed it was the flag of Honduras. The party later apologized. 

Woodhouse also made headlines last year when he said then-presidential candidate Rand Paul had to “prove that he will nuke a Muslim country.” 


(h/t The Hill)



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