18-Year-Old Who Went On The Run With 13-Year-Old Girlfriend: ‘I Knew We Were Going To Get Caught' (VIDEO)

Dalton Hayes, 18, and his 13-year-old girlfriend made headlines last month when they allegedly embarked on an interstate crime spree, reportedly leaving a trail of chaos in their wake. When the pair left their small, western Kentucky hometown, Dalton was set to appear in court on prior burglary and theft charges — though he denies that is why they left.

Over the next two weeks, authorities allege the young couple forged checks and stole three vehicles — one reportedly with firearms inside — while evading police across the South. They eventually were apprehended by law enforcement in Panama City Beach, Florida, as they slept inside a pickup truck.

In the video above, Dalton shares what happened when the two were caught, and why he believed the day would eventually come. Tune in to Dr. Phil Wednesday for Dr. Phil’s entire interview with Dalton. Check here to see where you can watch.