Damah Film Festival Announces Winners

After a weekend of exclusive screenings of unreleased films (The Least Of These,) starring Isaiah Washington and Robert Loggia and controversial documentaries (Lord, Save Us From Your Followers), the Damah Film Festival wrapped up with an awards presentation that presented the top prizes to three films:

First prize winner was the short film And What Remains, a documentary about reconciliation between a father and son. Second place was awarded to The Old Man & The Ceiling, a dramatic piece about a man who wakes up for the first time after his wife of 50 years has passed away. Third place went to Weathered, a short about a woman who copes with the death of her fiance by scheduling doctor's appointments.

The three filmmakers won prizes of $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 respectively and audience awards were also voted on by festival attendees in the following categories:

Cinematography: Sam J. Stanton, Pink Shorts
Screenplay: Steve Walters, A Mysterious Way
Director: (Tie) Taylor Ray, Old Man & The Ceiling, Jeff Huston, Pink Shorts
Actress: Nicole Parker, Weathered
Actor: Steve Walters, Mysterious Ways
Film: Weathered

You can watch all of the nominated films here where they'll be posted until Tuesday.