'Dame Factory Inc.' Explores Gender Theory In A Sexy And Uncomfortable Way (VIDEO) (NSFW)

In Melanie Abramov's experimental short film "Dame Factory Inc.," women work in the Dame Factory: a clean, efficient and sexy organization spitting out the tastiest of treats, quite literally. All clad in teensy, pin-up lingerie, the dashing women go about their duties; whether it be shaving their skin to make thin slices of cured meat, using their crotch-meat-grinder to turn out ground beef, squeezing their large breasts to make soft serve, or writhing on a table to spew out vodka.

The end of the film shows a full table set to the nines, adorned with the delectables the women just produced. Though no one is there to feast in the film, the spread is presumably for society to gorge on, and the men to gaze at.

The result is provocative, uncomfortable but, most importantly, powerful. "Dame Factory, Inc." won "Best Experimental Film" at both the Brooklyn Film Festival and Coney Island Film Festival. Watch the entire film below (as you might expect, it's NSFW).

WATCH "Dame Factory Inc." (NSFW):

Dame Factory Inc. from Dame Factory on Vimeo.