Damien Echols Of The West Memphis 3 To Write A Memoir For Penguin

Roger Friedman reports that Damien Echols -- one of the men known as the West Memphis Three for his wrongful arrest in West Memphis, Arkansas -- has signed with Penguin to write a memoir due out September 2012. Echols, Jason Baldwin and James Misskelly were released this spring from an Arkansas jail after serving 17 years despite questionable DNA evidence. Echols told Friedman about the Penguin contract at the premiere of "Paradise Lost 3," the third in HBO's documentary series on the case (read our report on the reunion screening). Friedman also reports Echols and his wife are currently in New Zealand shooting with director Peter Jackson, who's given Echols a small role in "The Hobbit." For the dark, brooding rock star of the bunch, that sounds about right.

(via Showbiz411)