'Damn Dude, You Got Daddy Skills': Sam Deezy And DJDave Rap About Fatherhood (VIDEO)

Back in January, a video of a dad-to-be rapping in the delivery room (the fetal monitor provided his beats) went viral. Now, the slicker more-produced "Daddy Skills" might be its sequel, with Sam Dorman, aka Sam Deezy, rhyming about what happens once you bring a baby home -- "extra-early mornings, advanced diaper-changing technique, and the ins and outs of playground etiquette"

Non-dad DJDave gets the four-minute clip rolling. He wonders when his dude-friend Sam developed these surprise "daddy skills." Then, they rap banter it out:

Sam D.: "I cut the grapes and the blueberries."

DJDave: "That's gangster."

The rhymes may be hilarious on their own, but the best part of the video is undoubtedly Sam's daughter. Even her little "no's" in response to eggs, oatmeal and pancakes are adorable. (That's at the one-minute mark when Sam D. says "breakfast... can almost feel something like a dope deal.")

This clip puts him right up there with some of our other favorite dads gone viral. Click through the gallery below to to watch more awesome videos.

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