Damon Dash: 'Hates That Coonin' Is Associated with the Dash Name'

By now, you have probably already heard all of the conversations behind the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and you have probably heard Stacey Dash discuss why Black History Month and BET and other minority media platforms are just as exclusionary as the Oscars.

BET wasn't too happy when they heard Dash's comments and took to their own social media to remind the actress-turned-FOX News pundit that the African-American community has always supported her throughout her career.

Entrepreneur and rap mogul Dame Dash, had a video interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins and shared his thoughts on his republican cousin.

There is no reason for me to explain why her statements are damaging and it's clear she is well aware of what she is saying and who she is saying it to. Her position at FOX News is to pander to middle-aged white men that already have a narrow-minded view on African-Americans. She is eye-candy for the bigots and racists that long for the days where they openly show their lust for black women through objectification and race play.

Dash notes several times that he believes his cousin is being paid for her ridiculous statements and "hates that coonin' is associated with the Dash name".

Black History Month was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson originally as 'Black History Week.' February was the month chosen to honor both Abe Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass to help understand black history in the United States. Black history is indeed American History and it should not be watered-down or dismissed as some alternative result to understanding black people. Black history is a pivotal part of American history and should be understood and taught to every student in our union.