Damon's Proposal To Elena Was Cut From 'The Vampire Diaries' Finale And We're Mad About It


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Though “The Vampire Diaries” came to an end on Friday evening, new revelations about the series finale have kept us as intrigued as ever.

First, we learned that “TVD” co-creators Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson had a very different finale in mind: one in which both Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) would sacrifice themselves for Elena (Nina Dobrev). Now, we’ve found out that a crucial scene between Damon and Elena was cut from the finale altogether.

Williamson spoke with TV Guide about the shocking episode, revealing that a scene in which Damon proposes to Elena had to be cut for time.

“We actually had a moment, which we didn’t have time for ― everything got cut. I think the first cut came in 18 minutes over,” Williamson told TV Guide. “And there was a moment in the show where he proposed and she responded after medical school. And the whole point of that moment was just to show that she became a doctor. And so we thought, ‘Oh, we’ll just put her in scrubs and we can cut that piece.’”

Excuse us? What have we done to deserve such treatment?

Despite being robbed of an extremely satisfying proposal scene, Delena shippers can’t be too disappointed with the finale. The couple did get to spend the rest of their human lives together ― a happy ending in our book. Still, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this proposal makes the deleted scenes reel!