Damon Lindelof Admits Alice Eve Underwear Scene In 'Star Trek' Was 'Gratuitous'

Damon Lindelof, producer of "Star Trek Into Darkness," responded Tuesday on Twitter to criticism about his treatment of one female character.

In the second "Star Trek" film, which was released on May 16th, Alice Eve, who plays Dr. Carol Marcus, one of the few speaking female roles, strips down to her underwear for no explicable reason. This prompted an outcry from "Star Trek" fans such as The Mary Sue's Jill Pantozzi. She explained her issue with the scene thusly:

Eve’s character of Dr. Carol Marcus was touted to have incredible intelligence, though instead of allowing her to use it to effect the plot, she was used as the most blatant eye-candy I’ve seen in a long time. We see this kind of thing a lot in Hollywood, sure, but the scene in question was akin to an actor holding up and verbally speaking the name of a can of Coca-Cola during a scene about cats or general surgery.

This morning Lindelof took to social media to address his critics and actually issued somewhat of an apology. He tweeted:

We respect Lindelof for recognizing the criticism and acknowledging it head on. As io9's Meredith Woerner put it: "It was horribly ridiculous and we're glad they learned from their silly decision to force the one new female character with speaking lines to strip in front of Captain Kirk."

Yup, pretty much.

[H/T io9]



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