Damon Wayans Completely Rips Clayne Crawford In Twitter Outburst

The feud between Wayans and his fired "Lethal Weapon" co-star just got real public.

Damon Wayans went on the offensive against his fired “Lethal Weapon” co-star Clayne Crawford on Twitter Monday.

In a series of now-deleted videos and photos, Wayans, 57, blamed his former castmate for a head cut he suffered during an action scene that he said Crawford directed.

“How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head? #directedby@claynecrawford,” he tweeted referring to a small explosion on set, per multiple outlets.

Wayans’ vent came shortly after Fox announced the show’s renewal without Crawford. He wrote that he wanted “to address the Twitter outrage.”

Wayans added that the actor’s toxicity affected others. He alleged Crawford “hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open.” 

He also posted a tweet with a photo of a flyer that said: “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist.” Wayans wrote that “He became UNINSURABLE! Relished in making female cry. And stuck (sic) fear in cast and crew.”

Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford were not off-screen buddies in their buddy-cop series.
Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford were not off-screen buddies in their buddy-cop series.

Wayans accused the show’s producers at Warner Bros. Television of not defending him and also lashed out at social media users and fans for griping about Crawford’s dismissal and apparently blaming him.

“Put up with this two seasons,” he wrote in a post. “Kiss the dark side of my ass if you don’t understand it wasn’t just me.”

Crawford will be replaced with Seann William Scott, who will play a new lead character for the third season renewal.

Previous reports had documented Crawford’s explosive behavior on the set. The actor publicly apologized for making people uncomfortable and agreed to attend studio-appointed therapy.

But tension between Crawford ― who revived the role of Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs from the 1987 “Lethal Weapon” movie ― and Wayans ― who plays Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh ― remained. Deadline reported that conflict got so bad that it threatened to cancel the buddy-cop series.



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