Dan Choi DADT Repeal Reaction: 'I'm Sure That This Is Sending Shockwaves' (VIDEO)

Former army lieutenant Dan Choi -- who was discharged from service under the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy after coming out and since has emerged a powerful voice advocating for repeal -- spoke out over the weekend about the Senate's landmark vote to lift the ban.

"We know that when you're on the right side of justice and history, you don't ever go backwards," Choi explained in an interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon. "I'm sure that this is sending shockwaves to all of the closeted and fearful and self-hating people all throughout America, who are afraid to came out because they're gay."

He added, "They're saying finally, the government is saying that we're taking steps closer for you to access your integrity and that's why it's amazing."

Choi wrote in a blog post published on the Huffington Post on Saturday:

No revolution towards justice ever went backwards. To all the supporters of equality and Don't Ask Don't Tell's death, I am so grateful. The road has not been easy. We have learned many important lessons about social justice, movements, supporting each other, and speaking out against discrimination.

He said, "The mission is not finished; it has only just begun."

WATCH (2:30):