Dan Choi Handcuffs Himself To White House In Don't Ask, Don't Tell Protest (VIDEO)

***UPDATE*** Scroll down for video from the scene.

***UPDATE*** Choi has been arrested and taken from the scene. More details from AmericaBlog here.


Lt. Dan Choi, who will be discharged from the military under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' since it has been revealed that he is gay, has chained himself to the White House in a protest of the gays in the military policy.

Choi spoke at a rally against DADT hosted by Kathy Griffin and Human Rights Campaign before leading a march of hundreds of protesters to the White House, where he handcuffed himself to the building's fence. (Ed. This post has been edited to clarify Choi's role at the rally.)

Pictures of Choi at the White House can be seen here and here.