Dan Harmon Talks "Harmontown" and Dungeons & Dragons at SXSW

At the Samsung Blogger Lounge at SXSW 2014, "Community" creator Dan Harmon and filmmaker Neil Berkeley discuss the documentary "Harmontown" with Shira and Lon. The film follows Harmon as he records his odd and hilarious podcast of the same name.

Harmon reveals how his fiancee was watching Berkeley's film, and he found himself looking on and feeling amazed at how gorgeous it was. He thought, "Maybe I can make myself seem likable if somebody shoots me that beautifully."

"It was honestly all about pursuing comfort and fleeing pain," he says of his decision to work on his own projects after being fired from running "Community" at NBC.

But perhaps his future involvement in the hit sitcom isn't totally impossible. "I think people at Sony are excited about a movie, because if you do it at a low enough budget, you might make your money back in an easy way."

Still, Harmon's the star of his own content now. Berkeley says there are hours upon hours of hilarious and entertaining bonus footage, which the world needs to see!

Harmon also pitched his idea for a "Dungeons & Dragons" movie... starring Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt.