Dan Levy Shares ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Clip To Hilariously Slam Trump’s Tax Write-Offs

One TikTok user drew parallels between Levy's character's confusion about tax policy and The New York Times' report about Trump's taxes.

Hopefully Rose Apothecary and President Donald Trump don’t share the same accountant.

On Monday, just days after The New York Times published its bombshell report about Trump’s tax returns, “Schitt’s Creek” creator and star Dan Levy tweeted out a video by TikTok user @michjnap. It features a scene from Levy’s multi-Emmy-winning comedy to break down how shady some of the president’s tax write-offs have been. 

“This pretty much sums it up,” Levy wrote in the tweet before linking to the TikTok video.

One of the more eyebrow-raising revelations in the Times report was that Trump wrote off a whopping $70,000 in hairstyling expenses as host of “The Apprentice.”

In the “Schitt’s Creek” scene featured in the TikTok video, Levy’s character, David Rose, can be seen trying to convince his father, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), and his best friend, Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire), that his skin care products are a legitimate tax write-off because he’s “the face” of clothing boutique Blouse Barn. (Spoiler alert: He was not the company’s best employee.) 

To better drive home the point, @michjnap added overlaying text to label David Rose as “Trump” and Johnny Rose as “The New York Times.”

Perhaps Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy) sums this up best: