Dan Lungren, California Congressman, Gets Pulled Over By Police During Live Radio Interview (AUDIO)

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) was abruptly torn away from a live radio interview Friday when a policeman pulled him over and told him to hang up the phone. The Congressman had been speeding.

Lungren was caught in a traffic stop by Washington-area police while attempting to talk with Sacramento-based KFBK about the recent passage of the "International Megan's Law," a bill that expands on domestic legislation designed to keep track of the travel and movement of registered sex offenders.

Before Lungren was given a chance to delve too deeply in to the explanation of the bill, however, a voice is heard asking, "can you hang up the phone, sir?"

To which Lungren responds, while audibly stifling laughter: "I have to get off the phone in just a moment here. Can I call you back in just a second? I'm sorry - I'm talking with a police officer here."

When the interview resumes, the host asks Lungren to explain what happened:

"Well I was driving here, probably just slightly over the speed limit," Lungren responds, before completing the interview about the purpose of the recently passed international anti-sex offender legislation.

Lungren Communications Director Brian Kaveney has told CNN that the officer who stopped the congressman along the George Washington Parkway in Virginia let him off with a warning.

Listen to the interview: