Dan Maes Beats Scott McInnis At Colorado GOP Assembly

In a stunning victory, longshot Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado Dan Maes has narrowly defeated his Republican opponent, Scott McInnis in the party assemblies.

Maes received 1,741 votes, or 49.35% of the delegate vote to McInnis' 48.89%.

McInnis, a former congressman, has been heavily favored throughout the nominating process. He holds a commanding lead in fundraising and name recognition.

Maes embraced the underdog role in a speech after the victory, telling supporters "there are those who have been waiting and watching, asking is this guy for real? Can we really do it? Did we do it?"

Hailing himself as the most conservative candidate in the race, Maes also gave a nod to the Tea Party groups that have supported his campaign. "I've put more than 70,000 miles on my car while running for governor," he said. "I was doing this, something new was happening; it's called the tea party."

Both candidates' names will now be on the primary ballot in August, with Maes's name appearing on top.