Dan Maes To Launch First TV Ad (VIDEO)

WATCH: Dan Maes Unveils First TV Ad

Dan Maes debuted his first TV ad on Thursday, just as new polls show his campaign losing support to third-party challenger Tom Tancredo.

The ad, which will run in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction, features Maes facing a camera, touting his intentions to roll back regulations on energy exploration, lower taxes and cut spending.

At one point, Maes urges voters to "tell [his] opponent to end the political games." It is unclear whether Maes is referring to Democrat John Hickenlooper, who is polling at 44% according to a recent Fox/Pulse Opinion Research poll, or Tancredo, who received 34% of the vote in the poll. Maes polled at just 15%.

According to the Denver Post, the ad cost campaign $30,000 to make. Earlier this month, lackluster funding reports led some to question whether Maes had the cash to stay in the race until November.


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