Dan Nagel, Kansas Teacher Who Brought Gun To School, Says He Did The Right Thing

Kansas Teacher: I Brought Gun To School Because I Didn't Want To Have To Watch 'My Kids Be Executed'

A Wichita, Kan., teacher who was arrested for bringing a concealed weapon to school, says that he merely wanted to be able to protect his students in the case of a shooting, local outlet KWCH-TV reports.

Elementary school teacher Dan Nagel spoke to the station after attending a Wichita School Board meeting on Monday where board members were discussing the district’s weapons policy. He told KWCH that even though he is now facing a misdemeanor charge, he brought the gun to school because he thought “the punishment I would receive would be way better than having the possibility of standing by and watching my kids be executed,” according to the outlet.

Nagel hoped to read a statement at the board meeting, although he showed up too late for the opportunity. However, he told local outlet KSN-TV that he thinks he did the right thing.

“I understand where people are coming from,” Nagel said. “It makes them feel good to put up a sign and they think there will be no more guns here. The reality is mass murders see this sign as a bulls-eye.”

The teacher was arrested in late May and is currently on administrative leave from White Elementary School. Although the gun he brought to campus was not loaded and he has a concealed carry permit, it is currently illegal to bring a gun on school property in Kansas, local outlet KAKE-TV notes.

After July 1, school districts may allow teachers and staff with conceal carry permits to bring weapons on campus. A bill that was passed earlier this year allows school districts to determine their own policy, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Although the board did not decide on anything on Monday, they will most likely pass a policy that reaffirms their weapons ban, according to KSN-TV.

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