Dan Pascoe, Police Constable, Hit By Car, Gets Up, Tazes Suspect Who Hit Him (VIDEO)

Dan Pascoe, an English police officer, was sent hurtling into the air after he was hit by a stolen BMW on a highway near London.

That's certainly bad news -- but what happened next is what has people calling the mild-mannered officer a "Real-life Robocop" and a "Supercop."

Just moments after being struck by the car and launched into the air, Pascoe managed to get up, chase down the driver and stop him with a taser, according to The Associated Press.

He recounted the incident, which occurred on July 3 and was caught by a police camera, in a video posted by ITN News (video available below).

"I remember thinking, 'This is going to be close,'" Pascoe says in the video. "And then all of a sudden, all I remember is I'm in the air, looking down at the tarmac ground, and thinking, 'Oh dear, this hasn't turned out the way it was planned."

We'd sure say so.

WATCH: Dan Pascoe describes the incident:

The Telegraph reports that the driver of the vehicle, Lee Adamson, 29, will serve 23 months in jail for resisting arrest and dangerous driving, among other charges.

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