Dan Rather Has A Scathing New Nickname For Team Trump

Veteran newsman says Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" has given way to something else entirely.

Dan Rather came up with a new nickname for President Donald Trump and those who surround him.

In light of mounting legal troubles ― including this week’s plea deal by former longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen and eight convictions against former campaign manager Paul Manafort ― the veteran newsman tweeted:

Rather also spoke about Trump’s presidency on CNN.

“Look at how many people have either pled guilty or in Manafort’s case been found guilty,” Rather told Don Lemon. “We are on an ocean the likes that which no one has been on and the headwinds right now are against Donald Trump.”

Rather also urged people not to dismiss Trump as “crazy.”

“I don’t subscribe to that,” Rather said. “I don’t think he’s crazy at all. I do think he’s increasingly cornered, and people who get really in a corner frequently can’t think as straight as they would otherwise do and the pressure is on Donald Trump.”

Rather also drew parallels to the Watergate scandal that ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, and said “we should expect things at least for a while to get worse, hoping that they get better.”

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