Dan Rather: Trump Has Had The 'Worst Start' Of Any U.S. President Ever

"A weak president running a weak, ragtag administration is a prescription for trouble."

“We’re roughly two months into the Trump Presidency, and it is the worst start to a time in office I have ever seen,” Dan Rather wrote in a Facebook post on Monday, noting that many historians have said the same thing.

Rather, who hosted “CBS Evening News” for 25 years, called President Donald Trump’s first two months in office “chaotic” and “outrageous,” pointing to the president’s failure to repeal Obamacare, the FBI investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia, and the federal court’s decision to block his first executive order on immigration and travel.

“A weak President running a weak, ragtag administration is a prescription for trouble,” the 85-year-old veteran newsman wrote. “Trouble internationally could come from enemies and other competitors who may see opportunities for advantage and overreach.”

Rather offered a four-point plan for anyone unhappy with life under the Trump administration, noting that Americans “still stand united” about core principles:

― Do not lose heart. America, as Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, is a willingness of heart. Believe in our country’s capacity to right itself and do right. Our fathers and mothers did it, and so did their ancestors, time after time. So now must we.

― Reach out and help someone. Service to other individuals and community “good deed” work is especially needed now.

― Reach out and try to talk, try to reach common ground, with someone you know that is of a different political persuasion. And don’t get discouraged if at first it doesn’t go well. Keep on trying. Even just talking, at the kids games, around school, at work, at the store helps. Just making contact and talking, about anything in common, can be more helpful than you may think.

― Get active, stay active politically. Organize and stay at it. Talking and walking (as in marches) is fine, but those who organize best and stay at it have the best chance of affecting change.

“It’s all going to be all right, folks,” Rather concluded. “It may take awhile, maybe even a long while, but we’re going to be all right. If we don’t lose heart.”

Rather’s sharp criticism of the 45th U.S. president has made him a viral sensation and helped garner his Facebook page more than 2 million likes. In February, Rather wrote on Facebook that Trump’s alleged ties to Russia could rival Watergate as the “biggest political scandal” of his life.

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