Dan Rather Dresses Up For "Daily Show" Sketch Mocking Media On Obama Burger (VIDEO)

Dan Rather joined Jon Stewart in mocking the media's coverage of President Obama and Vice President Biden's trip to Ray's Hell Burger Tuesday by dressing up as a 1973 newsman and creating a fake report of a Nixon/Kissinger burrito run.

"I'm standing outside Washington, DC's Cancun Mexican restaurant," Rather said, dressed in a wig. "Inside, President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger are enjoying some traditional Mexican entrees. I'm told the President ordered Mexicana Madness — that's a spicy chicken burrito — while Dr. Kissinger opted for a fish taco (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and copious amounts of a substance known to locals as 'guacamole')."

Rather continued, reporting that Nixon and Kissinger got separate checks — "they're going Dutch on this!" — and joking that Nixon said he doesn't make his own burritos because, "I am not a cook."


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