Dan Reicher, Obama's Secretary Of Energy?

Dan Reicher, Obama's Secretary Of Energy?

After an election in which both major party candidates promised the creation of huge numbers of green jobs, director of Climate and Energy Initiatives for Google.org Dan Reicher's particular resume might be the most appealing one for Barack Obama's Secretary of Energy:

Reicher's knowledge of venture capital and commercializing green technology make him an appealing candidate to Bill Becker, executive director of the Presidential Climate Action Project. "We're facing one of the most promising worldwide market opportunities that we've ever had, and we need this kind savvy business experience," Becker said.

Incidentally, there's a 2000 interview with Reicher when he was still serving as Assistant Secretary of Energy, and in which he discusses making his own home a bit greener:

HE: When you decided to make your home improvements, was it mainly based on a desire to save money, or to help the environment, or to improve the home's resale value?

DR: It was for all of those reasons, but I'm first and foremost interested in "walking the talk". I think that people in this business should start with their own homes and learn about the technologies--and experience the successes and frustrations. And sure, we wanted to save some money and cut pollution. I don't know how long we'll be in the house, but when we go to sell it, I think potential buyers will be intrigued.

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