Dan Savage Sounds Off On Gay Sex Vs. Straight Sex, Monogamy And More In Playboy

Dan Savage On Gay Sex Vs. Straight Sex

Outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocate Dan Savage opens up about straight sex vs. gay sex in a new interview with Playboy magazine.

"Male sexuality is crazy, perverse," Savage tells Playboy's David Sheff. "Straight men would do everything gay men do if straight men could, but straight men can’t, because women won’t. Female sexual reserve acts as a check on straight men’s ability to spin out of control sexually.”

He went on to note, "My point of view has always been that straight people need to have more sex and more sex partners than they do, and gay people need to have fewer sex partners than they can." And while he believes it's "hard for straight guys to get laid," he nonetheless added, "I don’t think women are naturally any less horny.”

Savage, 50, also spoke at length about a number of intimate topics, his well-known opposition to monogamy among them.

“If your partner won’t f**k you, one person doesn’t have the right to unilaterally declare another person’s sex life over," he said. "We’re not natural monogamists ... Then why in so many cultures -- Judeo-Christian, Islamic -- is adultery a death penalty offense? What species has to be threatened with death to do that which comes naturally?”

Savage didn't mince words when it came to Dr. Laura (“Dr. Laura is a vile piece of sh*t”) or former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (“F**k you and f**k your pity, Mike Huckabee").

To read the full Playboy interview with Savage, head here.

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