Dan Savage Raises $100,000 With ‘Impeach The Mother F*cker Already’ Swag

And he isn't planning to stop there.

Dan Savage is using his disdain for President Donald Trump for great causes.

The LGBTQ rights activist and author announced April 18 that he’d raised $100,000 for three organizations that are in direct opposition to Trump policies through the sale of ITMFA, or “Impeach The Mother F*cker Already,” merchandise.

Savage, 52, made the announcement on the weekly Seattle newspaper, The Stranger, and on his personal Instagram.

“This morning I had the distinct pleasure of mailing off checks to Planned Parenthood ($33,333.34), the ACLU ($33,333.33) and the International Refugee Assistance Project ($33,333.33)—money we raised selling ITMFA (“Impeach The Mother F*cker Already”) buttons, t-shirts, hats, stickers, coffee cups, and lapel pins,” he wrote. For those not so interested in curse words, Savage suggested a few alternative wordings, too. “If there are kids around you can go with ‘Malicious Fascist’ or ‘Malodorous Fart’ or ‘Malignant Fraud,’” he wrote.

Savage originally launched ITMFA in 2006 “to support those in the fight” against former President George W. Bush. He resurrected the group on Jan. 24, four days after Trump’s inauguration to raise money for organizations that are standing up to the president’s agenda. “I didn’t think I’d see a worse president than George W. Bush in my lifetime. But here we are,” Savage wrote. “We’re in for a long and ugly four years, readers. Let’s raise some money for groups fighting Trump, let’s bring ITMFA back into our everyday vocabulary, and let’s remember that we ― people who voted against Trump, people who want to see him out of office as quickly as possible... are the majority.”

In spite of the line’s success, Savage isn’t about to rest on his laurels. He’s now aiming to raise another $100,000 through more sales of ITMFA items so that he can make a second donation to the aforementioned organizations.

True to form, Savage has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration. In March, he blasted Melania Trump on an installment of “Savage Lovecast,” arguing against the “undeservedly charitable view” many Democrats have of the first lady. “Melania Trump is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside,” he said, noting that the first lady’s time would be best spent having “a word with her loathsome husband” about his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

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