Dan Savage: Why Gays Are Better At Sex (VIDEO)

Dan Savage: Why Gays Are Better At Sex

"Gay people are better at sex, know more about sex and have more sex," sex advice columnist Dan Savage said Thursday.

Savage, whose book American Savage was published this week, joined HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps and explained why he thinks that gay people are better at sex than their straight counterparts.

"Gay people are better at sex not because we're magic, although we are that too...[but] because we're forced to communicate," he said.

Because "vaginal intercourse is the default assumption" between straight couples, Savage said, they aren't forced to discuss what they want in bed in the same ways that gay couples are.

"When two dudes go to bed together...that's the beginning of the conversation," he said. "What's gonna happen? It's not obvious. It's not Tab A, Slot B."

Savage also pointed out that upwards of 30% of gay men never even have anal sex, the act he believes is responsible for most of the anti-gay hysteria in the country, while upwards of 40% of straight people do.

"Gay people are a tiny percentage of the population," he said. "If 40% of straight people have had or are having anal sex, that means the vast and overwhelming majority of the buttfucking that's going on in America is heterosexual buttfucking."

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