Dan Savage Talks Ganja Love

The history between sex and cannabis extends back as far as 1000 B.C.E. when the Hindus would use hashish to achieve a state of Kama or as we know it, pleasure. So, does cannabis enhance the sexual experience? Well, it's difficult to argue with a culture that wrote the book of Kama Sutra.

For some of us, sex and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly or a slice and a brew. But cannabis affects everyone differently, especially when it comes to sex. There are those people who smoke and feel like staring at the television for the next four hours, but for some it acts almost as an aphrodisiac.

According to renowned relationship advice columnist and all around love guru, Dan Savage, tokin' the stuff and bumpin' the muffs goes hand in hand.

"Marijuana and sex? Oh they are terrifically compatible. Marijuana is a wonderful way to lower your inhibitions and just relax. As anyone who uses it recreationally knows," Savage declared. "With a great deal of hang-ups and inhibitions and you know, a little marijuana to take the edge off or to help you have a conversation with your lover."

"You know, not being so self-conscious about the things that you are doing and being naked in front of somebody else? I think that can be a wonderful tool."

Ah yes, the lowering of the inhibitions; for some it leads to the lowering of their pants! A few puffs may even turn an introvert into an extrovert or vice versa. What about cannabis and relationships?

For some people having a boyfriend or girlfriend that tokes is a total deal breaker. Have you ever tried to have a relationship with a non-toker on the down-low, only to be dumped when they find out you puff?

"Some people do consider it a deal breaker," Savage proclaims. "I think that anybody that dumps you because you smoke pot is doing you a favor because it's not someone you should go out with anyway. Somebody who dumps you for that reason -- you no longer have a paranoid, pot phobic girl or guy on your hands. You win."

In other words my fellow tokers stick with your own puffin' kind that enjoys puffin' da kind and it's a win, win scenario!

Most non-tokers tend to describe the stereotypical stoner as being the introverted basement dungeon puffer that caresses his bong and Xbox controller all day long. But even the dungeon puffer has needs that exceed reaching level 57 before their mom has lunch ready.

So is there someone out there for everyone, even for our Cheetoh finger stained friend? I think so, but they can't expect to bump into that special someone on their way to the fridge in between bong hits for another Red Bull. In order to socialize one must first be sociable; in laymen terms, you gots tuh leave duh house! As our relationship expert would agree.

"If you are making choices that make meeting new people very difficult, you might want to moderate the amount of time that you spend getting stoned and playing Xbox," Savage asserted. "You're not going to meet a lot of prospective partners that way and if you are going to prioritize high and playing video games that way, then knock yourself out but don't complain about being single. If you want to prioritize having a boyfriend or girlfriend and partner then you need to get out of your basement, and this is no slam on pot or on videogames. They are both great, but if you throw yourself all into one pursuit, especially an isolating one, then you are more likely going to end up isolated."

When it comes to dating most of us search for partners with common interests, but is it really a good idea to date someone with the exact same likes and dislikes as yours? I personally think having contrast in our lives is a crucial aspect to an enjoyable life and plays a vital role in relationships withstanding the test of time. And Dan couldn't agree more.

"I don't think that it is a good idea to have all the same interests as you do," Dan decreed. "It's actually good and a lot of research shows that partners that are actually different in many ways and not fundamentally different or terribly different have much more stable relationships."

If we were to take a survey among couples that toke I am fairly certain the general consensus would be that, yes, cannabis and sex are definitely compatible. I'm sure even the single tokers out there doing the backstroke in the dating pool find it easier to get aroused and relieve that dry-spell tension after a few bong snaps (has anyone cleaned the pool filter lately?).

And when it comes to dabs and dating, honesty is always the best policy. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone they can't trust, and being open from the beginning saves everyone involved a lot of time and heartache (and Visine and Binaca).

To our basement dungeon puffers, ye too shall find a mate, you just need to sit down the bong long enough to shower, Febreze the one shirt you own without a salsa stain on it and make it out to Comic Con before she or he gets tired of waiting and goes home to smoke weed and play video games.

So to all of our fellow tokers out there, love the one your with or get stoned to the bone and fantasize about the one you wish you were with, but please, clean out the pool filter when you're done. Thank you, Management.