Dan + Shay Album Review

For a couple of long months, all I'd hear from my twin sister, Kayleigh was, "listen to Dan and Shay's song, '19 you + me.'" I figured I either had to listen to the song or I would have to hear her yell at me until I did, so I decided to give the song a try. "19 you + me" was inevitably one of the most catchy songs I have ever heard! The song offers a summertime feel that we all yearn for. Days later I even found myself singing along to the words in the car since it has such a carefree vibe. I could not wait to hear what else Dan + Shay had in store for the rest of the world with their debut album.

Dan + Shay have only known each other for a few years after they formed in Nashville where they immediately hit it off and started writing together. Dan Smyers was born on August 16,1987 and raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania and Shay Mooney was born on December 27,1991 and raised in Natural Dam, Arkansas.

On April 1, 2014, Dan + Shay's first album Where It All Began came out. The album offers an authentic, summer time groove. The album features "Show You Off, Stop Drop + Roll," "19 You + Me," "What You Do To Me," "Can't Say No," "First Time Feeling," "Nothin' Like You," "Somewhere Only We Know," "Parking Brake," "I Heard Goodbye," "Party Girl" and "Close Your Eyes." Dan + Shay do a very good job of reiterating what every girl wants. In "Show You Off," the man displays his girl to everyone he knows; it will soon arguably be most girl's anthem. "First Time Feeling," is my favorite song off of this album. The song emphasizes the feeling you get when you first see your special someone. "Nothin' Like You," is a song that every girl wants to hear. She wants to be told she is like no one else. The record has already made it on Billboard's Country Albums Chart at #1. This album surely will not disappoint anyone. The lyrics to every song are written beautifully and on point. I have already declared that this is my album of the summer as Dan + Shay have grown to be my favorite country duo!

Even though I was born and raised in New Jersey, I have always been a fan of country music and wished I was born in the South. Dan + Shay have done an amazing job capturing the essence of what country music is all about. The boys have already made their Grand Ole Opry debut and in June, Dan + Shay will join Blake Shelton on tour. I can't wait until their next album debuts and to see what else is next for them! Now my sister and I are just wishing they would come to New Jersey since we would love to meet them!

Best of luck to Dan + Shay. Please continue to keep inspiring me and others with your lyrics!