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Dan Stevens' New Style Makes Us Miss His 'Downton Abbey' Days (PHOTOS)

In case you've been lucky enough to be living under a rock the past few weeks: Dan Stevens' "Downton Abbey" days are over -- and we're not just talking about his role on the period drama. Our favorite blonde dreamboat has kissed his charming, slightly dorky style goodbye in lieu of a harsher, darker, trimmer look.

Obviously, people aren't too happy about this.

The new hair color wasn't exactly a personal styling choice, though. The actor is working on a new film "A Walk Among the Tombstones" in Brooklyn (so close to us!), so he didn't seem to understand why there was so much chatter about his new 'do. "Really? OK, I suppose," he told the Associated Press. "There's so much else going on in the world."

Touché, Dan. But since we still miss your old look, let's take a walk down memory lane...

Here's Dan now:

dan stevens new style

But remember his blonde hair?

dan stevens new style

And how it would get messed up, but he would still look good?

dan stevens new style

What about his less sleek, boyish style?

dan stevens new style

Seriously, how cute and British is this three-piece suit?

dan stevens new style

Who else could pull off a cricket uniform?

dan stevens new style

These days, he looks more like this though:

dan stevens new style

Promise you'll bring back your old look after your movie wraps, Dan? Reminiscing just made this whole thing a lot harder.

Check out some more looks that raised a few eyebrows:

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