‘Kimmel’ Host Dana Carvey Gives Trump A Blunt 2024 Election Reality Check

The comic has a correction for Trump's claim that people want him to run again.

Jimmy Kimmel Live” guest host Dana Carvey turned back the clock with his cracks at Donald Trump, who again hinted that he’s planning to run for the White House for a third time in 2024.

“People want me to run,” he insisted in an interview with New York magazine, despite polls showing a majority of Americans don’t want him to seek another term.

Carvey fired back with a series of throwback one-liners in the style and voice of late-night legend Johnny Carson, complete with a rimshot after each crack.

“Melania heard Trump might be running. She booked a one-way ticket on Air Force Done,” he said in one of the gags.

Then he held a mock 2024 debate between Trump and President Joe Biden, with Carvey handling both roles and Kimmel sidekick Guillermo playing moderator.

Check it out in the Tuesday night monologue:

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