Dana Oliver, HuffPost Beauty Editor, Says She Was 'Violated' By TSA Because Of Her Hairstyle (VIDEO)

Huffington Post Style's Beauty Editor Dana Oliver appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss an incident in which she believes she was singled out by airport security simply because of her hairstyle.

"I felt absolutely violated, standing there shoeless," she told host Nancy Redd. "Without being asked to, you know, have this done in privacy, I had a TSA agent actually go ahead and put her hands in my hair."

Below is an except from Oliver's November blog post, "Dear TSA: Leave My Hair Alone," in which she wrote about the incident:

My usual defenses went up as I asked her exactly why she needed to poke and prod my mane, but of course, she danced around the issue sounding like a TSA infomercial (while giving me this glance like "Girl, don't get me fired"). She came up empty-handed in her hair search and thanked me for cooperating as I returned her gratitude with a side-eye stare. I've never felt so violated in my entire life -- standing shoe-less among tens of fliers with my two-strand twist out turning into a tousled mess.