Fox News Host To Co-Host: 'Did You Not Read Anything That Was Written Over The Weekend?'

Fox News' Dana Perino blew up at co-host Bob Beckel during a discussion about Crimea on Tuesday's "The Five."

The roundtable was debating President Barack Obama's actions against Russia, which just annexed Crimea. The U.S. responded to Russia's military moves on Ukraine by imposing sanctions against Russian officials. Perino complained Obama has failed to show strong leadership on the issue.

Beckel objected, saying, "Putin and Crimea is not a foreign policy of the United States. It's a foreign policy decision for Russia."

That set Perino off.

"How could you possibly say it has nothing to do with us? ... With the international community?" Perino asked. "Do you believe there's no international rule of law?"

"I believe there's nothing you can do about it," Beckel said. After heated cross talk, Perino shouted, "That's baloney!"

"What would they do?" Beckel asked. "What would Condi Rice do to get Crimea back?"

"Did you not read anything that was written over the weekend?" Perino responded. "I spent my whole time reading about this stuff so I could talk about it here."